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Cordless and Motorized Shades for Enhanced Safety

When it comes to your little ones, safety is everything. Shades that have long, dangling cords can be dangerous for kids and pets that may get tangled in them. So always look for cordless blinds for kids' rooms or a motorized lifting system like PowerView® Automation that lets you control your shades automatically with a simple push of a button, a tap on a mobile device or with voice control if your shades are connected to a compatible smart-home system. (Which comes in handy if you've got your hands full!)

LiteRise® is another great cordless option because it's easy to operate. To raise and lower your shades, simply push up or pull down on the bottom rail. Or, you could opt for the UltraGlide® retractable cord system that keeps cords at a constant length. Since there are no messy, dangling cords, UltraGlide offers a clean, polished appearance as well as enhanced child and pet safety.

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